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Let’s file this under product placement

I love The Apprentice, me. Every Wednesday I feverishly sit down to watch a bunch of ego maniacs humiliate themselves on national television, with a few good eggs occasionally thrown in by the programme makers to at least attempt some sort of yin and yang balance to the show.

One of my favourite things about The Apprentice is that it’s on the BBC, so it’s uninterrupted by adverts every 15 minutes or so. I know – I really should love watching ads given the industry I work in, but some shows are just too good to interrupt (which is why I get so much use out of my Sky Plus box, as you’ll see from one of my previous blogs).

This year though, it seems that the BBC has broken the rules on product placement; firstly I didn’t see a “P” at the start and end of the show and secondly product placement is still banned on the BBC.

Yes… I’m talking about Tom Pellereau’s curved nail file.

Aside from the £250K investment reward for winning the show, Tom (and by extension Lord Sugar) have probably got in excess of 10 times that amount worth of free publicity, not to mention a pretty easy route to market with buyers.

I guarantee that as a result of this show (funded by license payers, I hasten to add), Tom will pick up an incredible number of new customers for his nail file – probably more than he could ever dream of.

Well done Tom – and what a way to win new business!

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