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At last Field Marketing gets a mention!

Did anyone see the article in ‘Marketing’ (dated 11th November 2009) on field marketing?

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to read the article, in summary it said that brands with tighter promotional budgets were now turning to field marketing to get more of an emotional connection with their consumers. In particular, smaller brands that may not have the budgets to launch large-scale TV advertising campaigns are really jumping on the bandwagon. This means more and more briefs are up for grabs in this area than ever before.

As a new business agency that has had great success with representing field marketing/experiential agencies, this article ties in nicely with what we are hearing from decision makers at the current time. For them, field marketing is all about making noise without the need for costly advertising budgets and our clients do nicely out of this!

Experiential marketing is now everywhere. In a variety of industries, companies have moved away from traditional ‘features’ marketing toward creating experience for their customers. In an ever changing, demanding world, consumers dictate the way their favourite brands relate to them. With this in mind, the pressure mounts for brands to come up with more innovative ideas in a bid to drive sales.

Has anyone got any firsthand experience of this either from the brand side or agency side? What are you finding?

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