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Engaging consumers in the age of the emoji

Coming up with a fun new way to get consumers to do something is what many brands aspire to achieve when they are looking to engage with busy potential customers.

The nice people at Domino’s Pizza are launching a new way to order online and announced that they will let customers order pizza through twitter, using emoji instead of going through a long list of options. Although this only applies to US customers so far, it’s likely that media coverage will raise interest and curiosity amongst UK customers and hopefully we too can have yet one more way to satisfy our love of pizza. So the moral of the story is: “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but show him how to creatively order pizza using cutting edge digital funny characters and you will soon get him tweeting!”

Similarly, coming up with fun incentives, and the occasional pizza bribe, for hungry new business managers (who spend their time and energy on the phone scheduling appointments and generating qualified sales leads so their clients can win new business and grow their agency) is just one of the critical success factor that can ensure Alchemis salespeople are not only kept well fed but well-motivated as well!

There are many sticks & carrots that work, but sometimes it’s the inexpensive new “something” that stands out and will get the most response. Alchemis is a new business agency: we don’t sell pizza, but we do like to keep an eye out for what’s happening and it’s always interesting to see something new and find out about how other people are using their creativity to win business.

Only time will tell if the number of tweets with emoji on the Domino’s Pizza twitter account will go through the roof, but one thing’s for sure: I’m going to book a meeting and I’ll have pizza tonight!

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