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Emoji – the language of the future?

Following on from Francois’ blog yesterday, it seems that the whole world could all be speaking the same language in the future… Emoji – or should it be Emojian or Emojish? Whatever the finer details, the potential for people of any nation to communicate with those of any other nation is huge. This story in The Drum has it as the fastest growing language with a staggering 80% of Brits now using symbols to communicate.

As Dominos has embraced it to enable consumers to order pizzas, there is surely not much of a barrier for any other brand to use it to not only increase sales and multinational customer bases, but also add their own personality to the language.

There could be teams of researchers working on new Emojis that would convey a unilingual brand message in one little symbol that could be understood by anybody, anywhere in the world. Although if there was any confusion whatsoever, Google Translate would surely provide the answer!

Reading and writing any kind of foreign language would gradually become redundant – in fact, why not do away with speaking too? People could all dress themselves in the latest wearable tech, which would include a big display screen across their torso and every discussion would actually be displayed on these. Business meetings would never be the same again and as we have abolished the need to speak, offices would become much calmer environments to work.

School curriculums and university courses would all change as the complete works of Shakespeare, The Bible, War and Peace and The Wealth of Nations are translated into Emoji (or Emojian, or Emojish – I have a feeling that a new world war could start over what we call this).

And what about the future for the marketing communications agency world that we at Alchemis are so heavily involved with? Well, my crystal ball says that by 2020, 85% of our client base will be Emoji (or Emojian or Emojish) specialists, guaranteeing worldwide recognition for your brand with a big emoji_thumb

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