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How crazy can the new business industry get?

New business approaches change and develop over time. They have to with numerous new channels, messages and techniques available, with more likely to come along.

As with all business, the best suited and most effective approach should be found. New business agencies have sprung up relentlessly over the past 10 years. Where once there were 3-4 players, there are now hundreds all vying to offer something different. We don’t mind the competition (we’re the oldest and best), but we do mind the industry getting a bad name through “innovative” techniques that may sound good on paper or at a sales meeting, but have no grounding in common sense or tried and tested new business processes and as such are often fruitless exercises.

The Einstein quote that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is equally true if reversed, and changing something that is working for the sake of being different is equally absurd.

I have heard this week of a brand new approach to new business prospecting. I won’t divulge the name of the new technique (which has been trademarked) or the company as that would be unprofessional, but suffice to say this is cold-calling without cold-calling.

The secret of said approach……………………….wait for it………………………………….an email!!

Yep, an email first takes out the cold approach. Hallebloodylujah! Thank goodness someone has cracked it!

To top it off, this is designed to ask for a referral to the right person.

To do the concept justice and run through the logic, in amongst the daily spam a marketing decision maker gets, he will isolate the one email he has from a complete stranger, read it and spend time referring you to the correct contact if indeed it is not them.

I read my 5 year old a book about a pirate ship being disguised as a house last night and I think that is more likely!

Alchemis’ main tool for new business is the phone. We are not ashamed of this and we don’t think it is old fashioned, archaic or a relic of a bygone era of loud shirts, red braces and wide awake suits. Use of the phone and the messages it is used to portray do need to evolve and move with the times and it is common sense that email and other digital techniques should work alongside to maximise any activity, but use them smartly. Why send an email to a prospect in advance? Why not speak to prospects, identify and qualify relevant, interested parties and then develop a CRM program using PR, social, email around those? A scattergun cold email approach rarely works in our industry.

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