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Who says cold calling is dead?

Apparently, there are some new business agencies currently doing the rounds saying that cold calling is dead!

Clearly, their experiences are very different to ours at Alchemis.

For the last 18 months (after the drought during the first half of 2009) we have witnessed an ever increasing number of wins for our clients, generated by our cold calling approach to prospects. It may sound slightly old fashioned, but it’s still the most effective method of identifying a prospect’s needs, challenges, priorities and issues.

And without that specific company/decision maker information or insight, all you can achieve via a piece of DM or an email is raised awareness.

We have run (and will continue to do so where needed or appropriate) email/DM campaigns on behalf of our clients, and have compared these to cold calling campaigns running alongside these. The statistics show that engaging one on one with marketing decision makers still deliver the best quality meetings. Some of these DM/email campaigns have helped increase access to decision makers, but only those with genuinely relevant insights. A generic campaign will neither help nor hinder.

I remain to be convinced (and would love to hear from any of you who have some proof of success) about the use of social media when targeting senior marketing decision makers, for the very reasons that I have outlined above.

One thought on “Who says cold calling is dead?

  1. I tend to agree with you. Email, DM (and social media) can play an active role in the new business process. But it should be a SUPPORTIVE active role. Picking up the dog is by far the best way to get qualified meetings that lead to wins. Those who say it ‘doesn’t work anymore’ and either 1) not very good at it or 2) getting a little bit lazy! I think it’s the smaller NB agencies, those whose owners still have to do the prospecting because they can’t attract quality talent you and we can, who say this. They’re just bored of the hard work. Our teams relish it because they’re well motivated, managed and trained!

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