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Nine times the phone went last week whilst working at home. Nine interruptions to a working day from companies offering utilities, loans, broadband and PPI services. These came in the form of either a call from an overseas call centre or non-personalised automated messages. My wife had complained about this before. A common hassle of … Read More

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who opened their personalised URL (PURL) and answered some or all of the questions in our new business quiz. We hope you found it interesting and insightful. For Alchemis, the purpose was twofold. We wanted to contact our core target audience of marketing agencies in what we hope … Read More

Having worked as a New Business Manager at Alchemis for several years but also having an extensive background in the world of mobile marketing, I’ve heard the sweeping statement “xxxx is the year of mobile” bandied around more times than I care to remember. However, 2012 might just be the year that it actually turns … Read More

Executive Summary As a pro-active new business agency, Alchemis generates leads and qualified appointments through intelligent conversations. Much has been reported about how the rise of digital communications has/will impact on the business-to-business (B2B) sales process, but our strongly held belief is that communication needs to include a good level of human interaction (i.e. phone … Read More

Top line summary: Following the recent positive feedback from our last White Paper which looked at why prospects agree to meet with creative, strategic and digital agencies, we decided to cut the new business cake a slightly different way and analyse success rates within the most widely targeted markets by our clients in 2011. Success is … Read More

Following a conversation with a large high street retailer today on behalf of my research agency, we discussed the need for them to get a feel for how they can promote consumers to spend in a declining retail slump. You only need to look at retailers like the struggling Dixons for example, to realise that … Read More

Here are some top line results from the analysis of our 2010 business development activity on behalf of our clients. They summarise why a prospect will agree to meet an agency based on calling prospects who meet the agreed criteria of vertical market, size, spend, profile and location. Rapport with prospect (this scored highly in … Read More

If you can’t be a banker then it looks like social media is the place to be. A recent survey from a digital recruitment agency which analyzed data from around one thousand vacancies concluded that the average Account Director salary within the social media discipline grew by a whopping 19% in the first half of … Read More

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