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As a well-established business development agency with a good spread of clients across the UK, we have noticed an upward trend in the success of Yorkshire based agencies winning new business. With this in mind, we decided to chat to a range of agencies based across Yorkshire, including creative, digital, integrated and specialists (like sound … Read More

In the “good old days” before the internet and when you could leave your front door open and nobody would rob you, you might have been forgiven for thinking that large companies with their fancy brands based in Central London wouldn’t ever consider working with a regional agency in somewhere like Bristol, Birmingham or Sheffield. There … Read More

This is an interesting infographic I came across from Software Advice recently, which looks at the best time to to engage B2B buyers based on analysis from six million unique visitors to their site. Their aim was to discover when B2B buyers perform research on the web, when they convert on a website and the … Read More

According to a recent report from Econsultancy and Adobe, customer experience and mobile are seen as the most exciting business opportunities in 2014. However, do we need this report to tell us that? Isn’t it obvious? And shouldn’t businesses have put these two areas at the forefront of their strategy for at least the past … Read More

Objectives of the survey The objectives of the survey were to identify: Common issues market research agencies face when trying to win new business The best approaches taken to generate new business Changes in the market over the past 5 years Whilst the slant was towards ‘new business we found all the participants willing to … Read More

Back in June 2011 we carried out a comprehensive survey to establish why prospects agree to meet with creative, strategic and digital agencies. We asked our New Business Managers to complete a questionnaire and then cross-referenced this with two years of data covering 340,000 calls, 46,000 decision maker conversations and 3,400 meetings generated. We looked … Read More

Nine times the phone went last week whilst working at home. Nine interruptions to a working day from companies offering utilities, loans, broadband and PPI services. These came in the form of either a call from an overseas call centre or non-personalised automated messages. My wife had complained about this before. A common hassle of … Read More

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who opened their personalised URL (PURL) and answered some or all of the questions in our new business quiz. We hope you found it interesting and insightful. For Alchemis, the purpose was twofold. We wanted to contact our core target audience of marketing agencies in what we hope … Read More

Having worked as a New Business Manager at Alchemis for several years but also having an extensive background in the world of mobile marketing, I’ve heard the sweeping statement “xxxx is the year of mobile” bandied around more times than I care to remember. However, 2012 might just be the year that it actually turns … Read More