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Here is a campaign I wanted to share with you all: Ban Bossy I would describe myself as a confident, direct, a no nonsense type of girl. But I have also been described as aggressive and bossy. This campaign encourages girls and women all over the world to lead; from school girls, to teachers, to … Read More

I’ve seen a few dirty tricks in my time. I’ve worked in one form or another in advertising, media sales, contract publishing and business development companies over the past 20 years. I have seen people selling ad space in directories and magazines that would never be published – well maybe just a short print run … Read More

Following my last blog about bitcoin being just a little bit shady, it seems HMRC have decided to be all charitable to the concept by eliminating VAT from all transactions. Well if HMRC are giving it a free pass, who am I to argue? Or would I be too cynical if I said that maybe, … Read More

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, it is almost inevitable that you would have seen the blanket media coverage about Bitcoin and its phenomenal rise in value. Now, just in case there are any rock-dwelling folk waking from hibernation and reading this blog, here is a link to … Read More

As an Arsenal supporter, the slump in form of Manchester United serves as a role reversal. Certainly in the past few years, our season tended to be over by early February in terms of silverware opportunities, with the office ribbing from our contingent of “Cockney Mancs” a constant in my ear. However, no retort I … Read More

Fake goods for sale have been an issue for brands pretty much for as long as any brand carves out any sort of decent reputation for itself. In the good old days though (let’s say, for the purposes of this example, 1983), your mum would take you down Walthamstow market and buy a Sergio Tacchini … Read More

I’m always thinking about blogging: what can I write about that will resonate with marketing agencies? what are my true areas of expertise? what difference can I make to an agency’s new business process, thinking, activation? I’ve looked back over posts from the distant past and realise that the fundamentals of business development remain constant … Read More

Forget writing to Anne Robinson at Watchdog – social media has now evolved to allow disgruntled customers to dish out instant revenge against the big faceless corporations who are more than happy to take your money, but less than happy to help you when their service doesn’t deliver. One of the most popular stories on … Read More

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