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Are business opportunities from stupidity now part of The American Dream?

Anyone reading Metro on Thursday 20th February may have thought that April Fool’s day had come early.

The full page article on page 3 featured a Californian woman called Blondie Bennett (not the name she was born with, she changed it 18 months ago) who had not only spent tens thousands of dollars on surgery to make her look like a real life Barbie Doll, but had gone the extra mile by paying a hypnotherapist to make her more stupid.

Blondie claims to have had 20 sessions to date, achieving great results including:

  • going to pick a friend up from the airport and not being able to remember whether she had to go to arrivals or departures
  • getting lost on her way home to the house she grew up in
  • feeling “ditzy and confused the whole time.”

So, how does this relate to the American Dream, new business, marketing or anything else?

A quick look online brings up the definition of the American Dream as “the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.”

In Blondie’s case it could be argued that she is seeking the reverse, as the aspiration is to achieve stupidity and “look like a plastic sex doll” – her words, not mine. But how brainless is she really?

Firstly, she has managed to achieve international media coverage to promote herself. She may well have a PR agency helping her, but just typing “Blondie Bennett” into Google produced 8,570,000 results.

Secondly, despite technically being unemployed, she manages to fund her lifestyle by “online sugar daddies” who pay her rent in exchange for pictures of her dressed up as Barbie.

Realistically, at 38 years old, Blondie will have a limited amount of time to capitalise on the opportunities available from her unorthodox lifestyle and business model, so it seems that now is the time to gain as much publicity and ROI as possible.

This also got me thinking about a few people who, it could be argued, make a lot of money from perceived stupidity slightly closer to home. Half the cast of “The Only Way Is Essex”, not to mention countless contestants from other “reality” TV programmes for example.

Is this the shape of things to come for future generations? If you haven’t got the brains to be the next Bill Gates, do you have the business acumen to become the next Blondie Bennett?

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