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Business Development Seasonality

I’m always being asked these questions by the hundreds of agency owners I meet every year –

  • Is there a best time of year for doing new business activity?
  • Is there a best time of year to start a business development campaign?

My answers tend to be the ‘slightly frustrating to hear but nonetheless true’ yes and no and are based on our 23 years experience in this market and our ability to analyse the enormous amount of data we are constantly capturing when calling on behalf of our clients.

Yes, there are definite times during the year when more pitches and agency reviews are up for grabs; these tend to be during Spring and Autumn.

And no, there are no ‘best’ times to start a new business campaign; the most effective campaigns are those that run all year and indeed, for years, ensuring we are following up warm prospects that we’ve been cultivating either pre or post meeting.

To further confuse, there are some real anomalies in the equation; for example, although July/August and November/December are generally viewed to be ‘dead’ months, they are anything but for us. These are the months that we set a lot of meetings for our clients to attend in September and January, which are both excellent months for potentially starting relationships with the right prospect in the right company with the right budgets.

We will, however, continue to track and monitor our clients’ successes and look for patterns in business development so we can benefit all of you, but in the meantime, if you have discovered any trends in seasonality, do respond to this blog.

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