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2012 – The Year of Mobile?

Having worked as a New Business Manager at Alchemis for several years but also having an extensive background in the world of mobile marketing, I’ve heard the sweeping statement “xxxx is the year of mobile” bandied around more times than I care to remember. However, 2012 might just be the year that it actually turns out to be true.

The following statistics and many more like them are readily available on the web and point to the fact that we as consumers are using handheld devices more and more in order to do what we used to do on a PC or laptop; shop, compare prices, access social networks, view product reviews, book tickets, give opinions, the list goes on and on.

  • The number of mobile subscribers is going to double in the next year
  • Predictions suggest that mobile internet usage will outpace desktop by 2015 – Google believe that this could happen by the end of 2012
  • 85% of the world’s population has wireless access
  • There are currently 23 million UK mobile internet users
  • 15% of the UK population only have a mobile phone at home
  • 68% of mobile phone users use their mobile in retail stores
  • 24% of mobile users intentionally carry their mobile phone for in-store price comparison
  • 79% of online advertisers don’t have a mobile optimised site
  • 28% of people who see a mobile ad take action
  • Amazon has already recorded four billion mobile sales
  • A third of flowers sold on Mother’s Day were through mobile devices
  • Around 12% of traffic within the online travel and finance industries is through mobile devices
  • Facebook pages drive 80% of newsletter sign-up’s through mobiles

The key for brands and retailers who want to tap in to this huge opportunity is to realise that mobile shouldn’t be viewed as separate from other parts of their overall marketing plans. Instead, it should be integrated into a broader digital strategy that marries great user experience with fantastic visual design. An app that looks pretty but doesn’t allow you buy what you want to buy is as bad as walking into a bricks and mortar shop and finding out there’s no staff to serve you at the till.

As an agency, whether a mobile specialist or one that operates in the broader digital space, the key to winning new business is getting in front of the right people in the right companies and demonstrating that you understand how to make mobile part of the bigger picture.

We’ve been doing this successfully on behalf of agencies for several years now, so if you want the benefit of our experience in this ever-changing marketplace give us a call….

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