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It’s not the size of your fan page, it’s what you do with it that counts

Well here we are, the end of another Alchemis year. As I sit here shining my baubles ready for the festive break, I look back at a year of winning new business and what has been pushing prospects’ buttons.

It’s been a good all rounder, with my clients winning business at a steady rate. Across the board most marketing disciplines have been successful in securing new clients, but the unique and still relatively untapped area that’s been winning new business has been social media marketing.

Social media marketing is as hot a topic as it was a year ago, but you would be amazed at how prospects in all sectors have yet to realise what can be done. It’s not all about a fan page on Facebook but what you do with it that matters.

The great thing is that a vast range of clients in the marketing services sector can help companies and brands to harness social media successfully; micro sites, viral campaigns, search marketing, and even market research can all be applied.

I will certainly be pushing this angle next year, as there are significant opportunities as more marketing budgets are being shifted towards social media.

One of my favourites of 2010, was the Marmite Bars Facebook campaign.

The campaign asked the public to become part of a travelling video diary, and were given samples of the cereal bars to have their reaction videoed with some funny results. Brave move.

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