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Brands are chomping at the bit to win new business from the Suarez saga

Pardon the pun in the title above… but everyone else is doing it and some bandwagons are just asking to be jumped on.

So, Luis Suarez – a chap who bears a certain resemblance to a creature that is best known for gnawing at trees in order to build dams – has been up to his old tricks again.


And in the age of social media, brands have been very quick to capitalise on his antics in an effort to win new business.

The good thing about this incident (as far as brands are concerned) is that they can knock up an amusing image and/or a funny strapline and then just sit back as web users turn it viral by tweeting it or emailing it to everyone in their address book . Very little effort returning very high publicity on the back of somebody else’s unsporting behaviour.

The obvious companies trying to cash in on his shenanigans are food brands and restaurant chains. Nando’s and Snickers both came up with a quick reaction and an obvious link to satisfying hunger pangs.

Nando's Suarez tweet

Snickers Suarez advert

However, today in Metro I see that Specsavers are filling their boots on the back of it too.

Specsavers Suarez advert in the Metro

What next? Will Kevlar be advertising a new range of products – Suarez-proof body armour football kits maybe?

By contrast, Adidas (who sponsor Suarez) have remained pretty quiet about the whole situation to date. Surely it’s an opportunity for them to develop their business with a move into the pet product market.

I can see it now – a range of Adidas branded sports muzzles for dogs, as modelled by a footballer who might be a dog trapped in a human’s body.

Despite England’s early exit, this World Cup has been far from dull!

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