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A Brand for London

Is it just me, or has this new Brand for London dropped off the radar a little?

Unless you were living under a rock last year, you will know that the GLA invited creative agencies to pitch for the job of creating a new Brand For London – very exciting!

Now I’m no expert, but whilst generating new business opportunities for various design agencies over the past two and a half years, I have gained a great deal of insight into the importance of good branding.

I’m very proud of my nation’s great capital, and naturally drawn towards good, clever design. So imagine my disappointment at the 2012 logo! I could moan until I am blue in the face on that subject, but that’s not the purpose of this blog.

What I do hope for is a brand that will represent London a little better than one that looks like the aftermath of Bagpuss meeting the business end of a bus.

A wise client once told me that the key to a good logo/brand is that it accurately represents the community or organisation – it must be clever, but serious. A humorous logo, for example, would be counterproductive in projecting a serious message.

Then again, he also told me that the best brands are memorable brands (good or bad). Perhaps that’s saying something that I can’t get that 2012 logo out of my head!

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