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Ban Bossy Campaign

Here is a campaign I wanted to share with you all: Ban Bossy

I would describe myself as a confident, direct, a no nonsense type of girl. But I have also been described as aggressive and bossy.

This campaign encourages girls and women all over the world to lead; from school girls, to teachers, to managers to ‘troop leaders’. Being confident and out spoken does not make you bossy. If I was a guy I’m sure I would be described as strong, ambitious, driven and possibly charismatic. But instead I get to live with aggressive and bossy just because I’m a woman.

New business is a male dominated world and you have to have some assertiveness in engaging people to open up on the phone and discuss their business challenges. However you also need to temper this approach depending on who you are speaking to. So being able to pull out the soft spoken female charm also has its advantages.

In general women have to do more than men to thrive and be successful in any sector (except maybe modelling. I did read that modelling is the only sector in which women actually get paid more than men.)

So to the little girl who likes to be the centre of attention in the class room: don’t hold back, be yourself, be courageous and be successful.

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