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Whilst squeezing myself into the tiniest space possible on the cattle truck (aka the Central Line) earlier this month on my daily commute, I performed my second trick of the day… Reading Metro without actually having enough space to open the pages. I’m pretty good at origami these days from years of practising this feat … Read More

There was an article in the Standard on 1st June that caught my eye, offering budding entrepreneurs the chance to win their own pop-up shop, rent-free for two weeks in central London. Not only the shop, but £20,000 of free advertising space in the Evening Standard, a £3,000 fit out budget and expert mentoring. This … Read More

Following on from Francois’ blog yesterday, it seems that the whole world could all be speaking the same language in the future… Emoji – or should it be Emojian or Emojish? Whatever the finer details, the potential for people of any nation to communicate with those of any other nation is huge. This story in … Read More

A number of my previous blogs have focussed on how technology will affect the way consumers are marketed to in future, in both positive terms and negative terms. Well this week the Internet Advertising Bureau held its Mobile Engage conference and their resident psychologist, Dr Simon Hampton, delivered a speech about how brands need to … Read More

I was interested to read in Entrepreneur Magazine last week that Dentsu, the Japanese advertising agency, has a long standing tradition of sending all able bodied new employees and every newly promoted executive on a mission to climb Mount Fuji – the highest mountain in Japan. This is clearly a company with a mission statement … Read More

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