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Following my recent post, “The Creative Sector is Thriving”, it was intriguing to read the Evening Standard article by Annette King, (CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Group UK) “How creative industries became hard for the world to ignore”. As well as discussing the success of the creative industry and the large contribution it makes to … Read More

In March, the London Stock Exchange published its research paper, showcasing 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. The report covered fast growing small to medium sized businesses in the UK. As you would expect, technology featured prominently, but it was fantastic to see that advertising and marketing were on the list of top five performing sectors, … Read More

A report from PwC states: “Capital is scarce, management is under pressure and high quality talent is in short supply” One of the biggest errors made by business owners is to try and do everything themselves. To combat this, the right employees must be hired and trained, but this is an expensive risk. The other … Read More

Inbound Versus Outbound Marketing – The Big Debate and How to Bridge The Gap Inbound and outbound marketing appear to be intent on giving each other a good kicking. In one corner we have the tried and tested outbound approach encompassing direct mail, advertising, email and telesales and in the other, the new inbound techniques … Read More

I have written several times before about the importance of human interaction in the sales and business development process, but that has been linked to the physical aspect of picking up the telephone and having an intelligent conversation rather than sending out emails or tweeting and hoping the right people see it and act. However, … Read More

New business practitioners are like politicians and each “knows” the best way to approach business development. This manifests itself in much gesticulating and posturing to highlight why one approach is better than another to canvass the agency electorate with their manifestos. The reality is everything has a place, and rather than squabble over the best … Read More

After watching West Ham win 2-1 against Sunderland this week, it looks like they are safe and will remain in the Premier League for next season. That fact may get mixed reactions depending on your loyalties, but the season that they and their manager have endured has been one that anyone embarking on a new … Read More

New business approaches change and develop over time. They have to with numerous new channels, messages and techniques available, with more likely to come along. As with all business, the best suited and most effective approach should be found. New business agencies have sprung up relentlessly over the past 10 years. Where once there were … Read More

I have read two articles in the past week, revolving around lists of personal annoyances. Loud conversations on mobiles, eating smelly food on trains, people standing on the left side of the elevator, commuters reading over your shoulder, rucksacks!! Don’t get me started on rucksacks! Over a few festive beers at Alchemis, we devised a … Read More

As an Arsenal supporter, the slump in form of Manchester United serves as a role reversal. Certainly in the past few years, our season tended to be over by early February in terms of silverware opportunities, with the office ribbing from our contingent of “Cockney Mancs” a constant in my ear. However, no retort I … Read More

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