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As part of our Alchemis infographics series, this one demonstrates the very basics of the relationship between the  new business agency and its clients. Picture the scenario: You have budgeted for a significant amount of money and taken the bold step of handing over a core business activity to an outside company. However, generating new … Read More

This is an interesting infographic I came across from Software Advice recently, which looks at the best time to to engage B2B buyers based on analysis from six million unique visitors to their site. Their aim was to discover when B2B buyers perform research on the web, when they convert on a website and the … Read More

This originally appeared on the SCi website and is a great infographic showing how human interaction, such as a phone call or meeting, can accelerate business development in B2B marketing with vastly increased customer order values. Obviously we are great believers in the power of human interaction to generate new business and this infographic is … Read More

We have often been asked about business development in the United States. Can we contact companies and prospects in the US? Is there a difference in calling in the US? Do we know of an agency similar to Alchemis in the US? The answer to question 1 is yes and we have done a lot … Read More

New business is a game, a very serious game that can make or break an agency. Get it wrong and it can be expensive and ineffectual. Get it right and it can drive an agency upwards and, as a business owner, achieve your company and personal goals. Hopefully the recommendations and referrals will keep coming … Read More

Following my recent post, “The Creative Sector is Thriving”, it was intriguing to read the Evening Standard article by Annette King, (CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Group UK) “How creative industries became hard for the world to ignore”. As well as discussing the success of the creative industry and the large contribution it makes to … Read More

In March, the London Stock Exchange published its research paper, showcasing 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. The report covered fast growing small to medium sized businesses in the UK. As you would expect, technology featured prominently, but it was fantastic to see that advertising and marketing were on the list of top five performing sectors, … Read More

A report from PwC states: “Capital is scarce, management is under pressure and high quality talent is in short supply” One of the biggest errors made by business owners is to try and do everything themselves. To combat this, the right employees must be hired and trained, but this is an expensive risk. The other … Read More

Inbound Versus Outbound Marketing – The Big Debate and How to Bridge The Gap Inbound and outbound marketing appear to be intent on giving each other a good kicking. In one corner we have the tried and tested outbound approach encompassing direct mail, advertising, email and telesales and in the other, the new inbound techniques … Read More