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How do I increase my agency revenue? It’s one questions that gets banded about a lot. Often we hear that the goal of creative, communications or digital agencies is to power through the £1m revenue ceiling and that is a key reason that they are investing in new business to drive that growth. Once through … Read More

It’s the Holy Grail.   Phoning someone just at the point they are reviewing or may be considering a new agency or indeed using an agency for the first time. If someone tells you that they can accurately predict this, take it with a pinch of salt or at least question their methodology or criteria. … Read More

What is a good value proposition? Our role in new business development is to help our clients define just that. It doesn’t matter if you are a creative, digital, research or any kind of agency, competition for business is rife and any prospective buyer of your services needs to be able to quickly identify the … Read More

  How do you target the mobilisers in B2B decision making? It used to be fairly straightforward. You’d find a senior decision maker, identify current activities, challenges and goals, construct a pitch around that and arrange a meeting. Follow that up with a proposal and business could be done. Over simplified, probably, but in fact, … Read More

New marketing tools in the wrong hands are just plain dangerous. This was the title of a post on the Secret marketer from Marketing Week back in July. It got me intrigued, as I am interested by new tools and methods of prospecting for new business. I should be as that is what we do. … Read More