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This is a guest blog from our friends at WordUp who provide a range of content marketing and copywriting services for agencies. The past few years have seen brands embrace content marketing like a long lost twin, and they don’t look like letting go anytime soon. Agencies on the other hand continue devoting great effort … Read More

I saw a great graphic doing the rounds on Facebook yesterday which visualised the different search terms Google’s autofill might select, depending on whether you started your search with ‘how can u…’ or ‘how can an individual…’. Both phrases have the same meaning and yet Google associated the abbreviated ‘u’ with searches for rather unpleasant … Read More

Here at Alchemis we are always keen to hear the views of others within the marketing services industry. So, with this in mind, here’s the first in a series of guest blogs – this one from Daniel McHugh of inbound and outbound call centre Leadline. When the world economy plummets, it is easy to become … Read More