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In June and July, Alchemis undertook a comprehensive survey to help understand how marketing plans across a whole range of companies and brands in the UK were being affected by the pandemic. We gathered detailed feedback from hundreds of marketing decision makers from a range of B2B and consumer market sectors. In addition, we carried … Read More

Over the next few weeks I will be diving into 12 years of data to share some of our insights into the questions we are most often asked by clients. We could go back further still but 12 years gives us: • 2 million calls • 280,000 decision maker conversations Which is a pretty robust … Read More

  I was forwarded an article today with the ‘10 biggest interview lies’ and in the past I’ve seen countless similar lists referring to the ‘Top 10 things to avoid…’ or ’10 ways your body language can betray you’ etc etc. The internet is groaning under the weight of top interview tips and advice for … Read More

Objectives of the survey The objectives of the survey were to identify: Common issues market research agencies face when trying to win new business The best approaches taken to generate new business Changes in the market over the past 5 years Whilst the slant was towards ‘new business we found all the participants willing to … Read More

Back in June 2011 we carried out a comprehensive survey to establish why prospects agree to meet with creative, strategic and digital agencies. We asked our New Business Managers to complete a questionnaire and then cross-referenced this with two years of data covering 340,000 calls, 46,000 decision maker conversations and 3,400 meetings generated. We looked … Read More

With Amanda Francis taking a well earned break for 2 weeks in September I agreed to try and fill her considerable new business boots. Amanda had tried to avoid putting dates in for while she was away so it looked like I had two meetings to do in 2 weeks – easy. I ended up … Read More

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