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A friend of mine sent me a YouTube video the other week of a baby pinching and swiping at a magazine, thinking that it was an iPad. Surely people can’t be plonking their kids in front of iPads before they can even speak? Fast forward a few weeks, and I am in a pub with … Read More

There is no doubt that music changes the way we feel, and the way that we look at things. The beautiful girl on the tube looks 10 times more beautiful with Tarrus Riley – She’s Royal in your ears. So what effect does music in advertising have on consumers’ moods, attitudes, and behaviours? My role … Read More

It was a Friday night in with the Mrs, and after subjecting her to weeks of box sets of The Wire and repeats of Family Guy, I decided it was time to give in and subject myself to a chick flick. After half an hour of me dismissing mind numbing poop like Legally Blonde 2 … Read More

Following a conversation with a large high street retailer today on behalf of my research agency, we discussed the need for them to get a feel for how they can promote consumers to spend in a declining retail slump. You only need to look at retailers like the struggling Dixons for example, to realise that … Read More

Do the lengths companies go to research consumer habits today have any limits? It would seem not! Working with a research client for over 3 years I’m fully aware of companies employing neuroscience as a method finding out what makes consumers tick, but this takes the biscuit. Earlier this year Royal Mail commissioned Millward Brown … Read More

Since watching my mum as a photographer when I was a nipper I have grown up filled to bursting with the desire to become a wildlife photographer, or even an amateur filmmaker (I’ll take either) but sadly, all the skipping around with my vintage cameras and super 8 cine cams has yet to earn me … Read More

Now I have always been a great believer in harnessing new platforms like mobile marketing and social media sites to promote your brand or company. Hence setting Alchemis up on Twitter. In my view it’s more than a wise step to get out there, even if a Twitter account doesn’t result in immediate new business, … Read More

Is it just me, or has this new Brand for London dropped off the radar a little? Unless you were living under a rock last year, you will know that the GLA invited creative agencies to pitch for the job of creating a new Brand For London – very exciting! Now I’m no expert, but … Read More

“Botanophobic landscape gardener – seeks similar”. Ok so admittedly, not all of us are going to find our perfect match, but if you’re willing to get yourself out there, a happy relationship awaits. What am I waffling on about? Let me explain. I’ve worked in sales since I was a fresh-faced 17-year-old lad – hard-nosed, … Read More

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