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Tuesday 28th February 2006, that was my first day at Alchemis. I was nervous; unsure of what was expected of me and whether I could deliver. What would the people be like? Would I get on with them? Would they like me? I needn’t have worried, because Alchemis turned out to be better than I … Read More

I read an article in Marketing Week recently which explored the new buzzword of digital marketing, ‘Social eCommerce’. Social eCommerce is the integration of eCommerce and social media and it’s a movement that has really taken off in the past few months. However, I do wonder whether this concept has been introduced to the digital mix … Read More

I always find it amusing when a political party tries to entice the public into voting for them by saying they’ll cut a little here or cut a little there in the hope of swaying public opinion in their favour. The general public is not that gullible and we recognise that one size DOES NOT … Read More

Last month I attended a Marketing Industry Network event in Birmingham, which focused on the topic of “Agency Collaboration”. The panel used the example of the Birmingham 2018 World Cup bid, which was a fantastic example of how a group of completely different disciplined agencies came together to produce an amazing argument for the City … Read More

I thought the issue of Marketing Week (dated 17th December) was an interesting read, namely because it was the last issue of the year AND decade! Reflecting back over the noughties there have been highs; such as more recognition for women in business and politics, but also lows with (the global recession obviously springing to … Read More

I read an interesting article in Design Week on 10th December. This article gave a rough prediction on 2010 marketing trends and it picked out five key directions for this year. I was extremely excited when I read that one of the key directions was going to be digital touch points in the retail environment. … Read More

Did anyone see the article in ‘Marketing’ (dated 11th November 2009) on field marketing? For those of you who didn’t get a chance to read the article, in summary it said that brands with tighter promotional budgets were now turning to field marketing to get more of an emotional connection with their consumers. In particular, … Read More