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We are full members of the Direct Marketing Association

DMA LogoWe are very proud to have recently been confirmed as full members of the Direct Marketing Association.

We were visited by the DMA’s compliance team earlier this year and were found to be compliant in all areas, after a couple of small tweaks!

The DMA’s Code is the code of conduct to which all DMA members must work, on top of all legal requirements, but it is much greater than that – here are their four key pillars:

  1. Respect privacy
  2. Be honest and fair
  3. Be diligent with data
  4. Take responsibility

Putting your customer first, understanding their needs and offering relevant products and services are at the heart of the code. This means that customers, in our case marketing agencies across the whole spectrum, should receive a positive and transparent experience throughout their association with us, should receive prompt, efficient and courteous service from us and receive marketing information that is relevant to them and reflects their preferences.

Some examples of how we deliver against this code include:

  • All of our clients receive regular reports that show how much activity we have carried out over a given period. These include full transcripts of all communication with prospects we have contacted on their behalf, either by phone, email or through social media
  • We conduct regular campaign reviews with our clients. These include a full analysis of our activity to date, feedback on our clients’ propositions from the markets we are targeting on their behalf, insights from these market sectors and planning the next stage of the campaign
  • We subscribe to the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) which ensures that we do not call any businesses or individuals who are also registered with the CTPS, unless we have their specific permission to do so
  • Our new website is fully compliant and can be viewed on any device
  • We ensure that all email and telephone communication to our own prospects and those of our clients are relevant and meaningful

As a market leader in the world of business development for marketing, creative, digital and research agencies this membership reinforces our position and reputation – none of our close competitors are DMA members. Our clients can therefore be confident that we will deliver a new business programme fairly and diligently with integrity, honesty and transparency.

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