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If Alchemis did football teams…

I was truly gutted to see Duane Bryan fired from The Apprentice last night.

First and foremost because he was my guy in the sweepstake – and that’s about the fifth year in a row my candidate has not made it into the second half of the series; secondly because it was nice to see a bit of honesty in the boardroom for a change.

Dignified Duane accepted responsibility for his ideas without passing the buck, even though they ultimately cost his team the task, and it was the first time I can remember in ages that the three unlucky candidates who were brought back into the boardroom didn’t all shout over each other like a gaggle of squawking geese.

Regardless of whether Duane was ever likely to win the show, he had a lot of ideas during his five week stint and always seemed to fully immerse himself in the tasks with great enthusiasm and energy.

Now, you might wonder why I’m writing a blog about The Apprentice. Or why I have mentioned football in the title. What’s that got to do with new business or marketing (aside from the aspects of the weekly tasks that involve these disciplines)?

Well, it was because Duane said something to Dara O’Briain when he was being interviewed on You’re Fired afterwards and it struck a chord with me:

“Being an entrepreneur isn’t about being the one man at the front, it’s about how good the team works and how good the team can pull together.”

This is my tenth year at Alchemis and I know that above anything else our single biggest asset is our team. However good our data is, however sophisticated our bespoke contact management software is and however expensive the coffee we have here is (OK, I’m exaggerating about this last one, although it is pretty nice), all of it is secondary to the ability of our new business managers to actually just get on and do their job – which is ultimately ensuring our clients get a decent return on investment from attending high quality new business meetings.

Hand on heart I can say that if the skillset, dedication, motivation, camaraderie and drive between the management and staff could be transposed to a football team then they would be winning the Champions League each year.

Oh yeah, and they’d also have state of the art training facilities to hone their skills!

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