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What does agency collaboration mean in today’s markets?

Last month I attended a Marketing Industry Network event in Birmingham, which focused on the topic of “Agency Collaboration”. The panel used the example of the Birmingham 2018 World Cup bid, which was a fantastic example of how a group of completely different disciplined agencies came together to produce an amazing argument for the City of Birmingham.

The essence of the discussion focused on how we could get marketing agencies to work together to better serve the needs of the consumer. Lets face it, the consumer calls the shots nowadays and they are totally aware of how demanding they can be. This puts greater pressure on marketing agencies to provide a 360-degree approach.

In the past, agencies have been suspicious about sharing their ideas with other agencies and they have felt exposed to the fact that their ideas could be stolen or worse still, misused.

Today, we see more of the “ Best Creatives” coming together and sharing their knowledge across all disciplines, which makes the need for getting it right first time key, especially as more emphasis is placed on delivery.

Direct clients will inevitably get the most for their money when they present a problem to a group of vendors and they are no longer concerned with how many people are involved in the campaign as long as they get the results they require.

The challenges tend to be experienced at agency level as colleagues try to build experience around skills, which may overlap. Therefore, the best agency collaboration can be seen between agencies that respect each other’s boundaries and learn to work together towards a common goal.

Are there any agencies out there that would like to comment on their personal experiences of collaboration?

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