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7 Ways to Grow Your Agency

As we move into the second quarter of 2019, new business development and lead generation activities should be well underway for the year.

Growing an agency is both challenging and rewarding. We have outlined 7 great ways to grow your agency below:

1) Set some core KPIs around turnover, new clients, extension of current clients, key hires

2) Build a target list of clients by:

  • Market sector
  • Size
  • Marketing spend
  • Location
  • Likely issues and challenges
  • Potential solutions
  • Their target demographic
  • Retained/ ongoing income
  • Project income

3) Predict incoming new business from:

  • Referrals/recommendations/WOM
  • Website enquiries
  • Events/networking
  • Social media

4) Develop an outbound lead generation strategy to fill the gaps (allocating the appropriate resource and time):

  • Cold calling prospects (telesales)
  • Social Media
  • Emailers
  • DM
  • Networking
  • Partner with other agencies

5) Internal process/culture to reflect your growth plan:

  • Make sure you have an internal process, ideally a CRM system, that enables you to record activity, log call backs etc.
  • Create a new business culture, encourage and maybe incentivise your team to win new clients
  • Give responsibility to an individual or team with clear KPIs and measure/monitor/amend accordingly
  • Grade prospects according to their receptiveness/likely responses and approach them differently (for example, send out a high value piece of DM to the top 50 targets but an email or call the remaining 150)

6) Optimise all meetings you go on – make sure that you’re getting the best out of the time with a prospect. Plan well, and ask all the right questions.

7) Just focus and do it – it wont happen organically!


If you would like to chat about your specific new business or lead generation issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Alchemis today.

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